OstroVit Boxing gloves

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OstroVit Boxing gloves

Boxing is one of the best forms of cardio. If you practice this combat sport, you can gain control over weight, force, speed and agility. During your workout, you can strengthen stomach muscles, buttocks muscles, legs muscles and arms muscles. Boxing gloves are the most important and integral part of the training.

OstroVit boxing gloves are intended for all those who practice boxing, be it amateurs and half-professionals. They are made of high-quality black synthetic leather and filled with a high-density foam - this combination leads to perfect protection of your palms against impact. A distinctive, rounded design is aimed at providing increased protection to your palms. The gloves are supplied with a velcro fastening, providing very good adaptation and stabilization of the wrist. You can quickly put them on and take off on your own; this is a way more convenient when compared to lace-up equivalents.

For optimal protection of palms and wrist, it is advisable to use boxing hand wraps, which are also included in our offer.

The gloves are suitable both for training and sparring in the following styles:

  • Boxing,
  • Muay Thai,
  • Kickboxing


The gloves are available in 4 sizes:

  • 10 oz - average woman’s palm, boxer’s weight from 55 to 60 kg
  • 12 oz - large woman’s palm, small man’s palm, boxer’s weight from 65 to 75 kg
  • 14 oz - average man’s palm, boxer’s weight from 78 to 90 kg
  • 16 oz - large man’s palm, boxer’s weight above 90 kg
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