OstroVit Massage GunOstroVit Massage GunOstroVit Massage GunOstroVit Massage GunOstroVit Massage Gun

OstroVit Massage Gun

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OstroVit Massage Gun
57,15 €

OstroVit Massage Gun

The Body Massage Gun by OstroVit, is a versatile product for self-massage after training and during rehabilitation. The massager has 30 modes for different types of massage and 6 tips to suit every part of the body. It is suitable for both individual use and in physiotherapy clinics. Thanks to the application of a suitable massage with the OstroVit massage gun, it is possible to perfectly reach almost all muscular parts of the body and to oxygenate and improve blood circulation in the tissues. The product does not lose its properties and its tips do not deform even during intensive use by heavy users.

Types of tips included:

  • ROUND - one of the most versatile tips, it is made of durable deformation-resistant foam. It is designed for massage of all parts of the body and for superficial work of moderate intensity.
  • HALF-ROUND - is made of hard plastic, which is suitable for working on small and large muscle groups. It reaches deep tissues and is perfect for tight and compact muscle groups, e.g. quadriceps and pectoralis major.
  • BULLET - this is the most precise tip of the set, made of hard plastic. It is designed for trigger points - these are thickened areas formed on muscle tissue that cause pain, often even radiating. It reaches the most difficult-to-reach muscle groups.
  • PITCHFORKS - Made of hard plastic, it is designed mainly for the muscles in the Achilles tendon and calf and neck area. It is designed in a fork-like pattern to protect the tendons and work only on the muscles. The rounded tips mean that it glides smoothly over the body and massages it deeply. It will also work well for massaging the extensors of the back, quadriceps and also the gastrocnemius.
  • SHOVEL - made of extremely hard plastic, is ideal for massaging the paraspinal muscles. It will help to relieve tension at the shoulder blades and spine.
  • CONE - like a bullet, it is a very precise tip. Designed for trigger points - these are thickened areas formed on muscle tissue that cause pain, often even radiating. They reach the most difficult-to-reach muscle groups.

Advantages of using the OstroVit Body Massage Gun:

  • relaxes tense muscles,
  • improves the ability of muscles to work and regenerate,
  • has an anti-cellulite effect,
  • helps to break down the thickening and strengthen muscles,
  • prevents soreness after hard training

Technical features:

  • 5 types of speed - 1200-3800 RPM
  • 6 tips, adapted to different types of work
  • Fast charging option - 90-120 minutes
  • Noise level: only 45 db during gun operation
  • LCD screen for speed monitoring
  • Weight with packaging: 1.5 kg
  • Special storage case

Set includes:

  • Case
  • Gun
  • USB type C cable
  • 6 tips


The seller guarantees the item OstroVit Massage Gun for a period of 24 months from the date of issue of the sales document. The basis for the complaint is the presentation of the proof of purchase, which is delivered electronically to the e-mail address indicated by the customer and a photo/description of the defect. The customer is obliged to verify that he/she has received such a document. The guarantee does not cover mechanical damage due to incorrect use by the customer, or damage caused by incorrect connection of the product. The guarantee expires at the moment of interference with the product (i.e. if the product has been disassembled, screwed together, cut apart, glued together, etc.).

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