OstroVit Boxing pear

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51 cm
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OstroVit Boxing pear

Boxing is a great general development sport. In order to achieve better and better results, you should train regularly and try to expand your skills. A boxing pear will be perfect for exercises next to a punching bag or boxing paws.

Boxing pear hanged from the OstroVit company is made of a high-quality material so that it can perform well during boxing training focused on strengthening upper body parts. Thanks to training with a speed bag, you can improve your precision, techniques and rhythm of punching. The boxing ball is stitched with durable threads aimed at reinforcing the bag. There is a handle at the top; you can use it to hang the item before your workout. The inside of the pear is filled with air, so just inflate it and start training.

A considerable advantage of using the speed bag is the fact that you do not need other people to assist you in the training. Such workout is a perfect alternative to persons bored with a classic training, e.g. with a heavy bag.

Use the boxing pear if you want to:

  • improve your physical fitness
  • practice punches and reflex
  • do complicated exercises and punches
  • improve combat techniques

Technical information:

  • Height: 25 cm
  • Length: 19 cm
  • Circuit: 51 cm
  • Color: red-black
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