Vitamins for women - what is worth supplementing?

Vitamins for women - what is worth supplementing?

A woman's organism has special needs, which change with time. Slightly different doses of vitamins are required by a pregnant and a mature woman. Good vitamins for women are not the same for everyone, and their selection in the form of a supplement depends on the demands of the body and the reason why a woman reaches for a vitamin complex. When should women's vitamins be taken?

Vitamins for women - what do women especially need?

The mineral and vitamin requirements of women, who are not in any exceptional physiological state (pregnancy planning, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and time after it, very high physical activity), do not differ fundamentally from those of men. However, it is usually less due to an average lower body weight and energy consumption than among men. Vitamins for women should be selected according to the needs of the individual, taking into account potential deficiencies, lifestyle and diet.

However, there are several nutrients that every woman should bear in mind. First of all, there is iron. Due to the loss of it every month with menstrual blood, women's iron requirements are high and often not sufficiently covered by diet. Iron deficiency manifests itself through dull and brittle hair, grey skin and rapid fatigue. Another crucial component is calcium. Women, in comparison to men, are much more exposed to bone demineralisation and, later on, to osteoporosis. Calcium is not absorbed well from the diet because of the high proportion of phosphorus in food, which disturbs the mineral balance and increases the release of calcium from the bone. Women's vitamins should definitely contain calcium.It is interesting to note that the process of bone decalcification starts already after the age of 30 and not only during menopause.

When it comes to a healthy pregnancy and having children, the most important vitamin for women is folic acid. It prevents serious damage to the nervous system of the fetus and should be supplemented by every woman who is considering having a child, not only those who are planning pregnancy. It is safe to say that there is no other vitamin as crucial for women of childbearing age as folic acid.

The best women's vitamins - skin, hair and nails

The main reason why women usually reach for vitamins is to take care of their skin, hair and nails. Dull hair and grey skin are frequent complaints of the ladies. In such a situation, the best vitamins for women should provide:

  • vitamins of youth - vitamins A, C and E, which are strong antioxidants, reduce inflammatory processes, protect the skin against free radicals and ageing, improve skin hydration and density by rebuilding collagen and elastin
  • biotin - a basic ingredient, which accelerates the growth of hair and nails, and strengthens them at the same time,
  • B vitamins that regulate the sweat and sebaceous glands, ensure skin regeneration,
  • zinc, which increases the absorption of biotin, which is also an important component of hair and nails; it also acts as an antioxidant,
  • silicon, which is involved in the formation of connective tissue, collagen and keratin.

Selecting the best vitamins for women, we should pay attention to the content of particular minerals and vitamins in the preparation as well as their assimilability.

Vitamin A, C, E, B, biotin, zinc, silicon - the best vitamins for women for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Vitamin complex for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman's life, also in terms of nutrition. According to specialists, not all nutrients can be supplied by the pregnant woman's diet. It is crucial to take good vitamins during this period, so a vitamin complex for pregnant women must include:

There are many preparations available on the market; however, not every product labelled " mum" or " pregnant" is a valuable vitamin complex for pregnant women. It is necessary to check to what extent the supplement covers the requirements of the pregnant woman's body and in what proportions the individual components are present in relation to one another.

Vitamins for mature women

As a woman gets older, hormonal changes in her body affect her need for vitamins and minerals. It is most noticeable when a woman stops menstruating. Vitamin set for women over 50 should be rich in components ensuring bone health - vitamin D, K, calcium and magnesium, because, at this time, the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures begins to increase significantly. Good vitamins for mature women can be additionally enriched with soy isoflavones, which, as phytoestrogens, partially replace estrogen deficiencies resulting from menopause and alleviate complaints typical for this period, such as hot flashes. We cannot forget about youth vitamins, among which the most important is vitamin C in large doses, helping to slow down the skin ageing process, increase its density and improve collagen production.

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