Workout plan at home and at the gym. What do you need to know before you create your own training plan?

Workout plan at home and at the gym. What do you need to know before you create your own training plan?

A training plan is essential to move faster and more efficiently towards a set training goal. However, there is no plan that is good for everyone. Its preparation is a very individual process that takes into account, for example, your level of fitness and the reason why you are exercising. In this article, you will learn what elements a good training plan should contain, and where to get ideas for a training plan at home and at the gym.

A training plan - what elements does it contain?

A well-structured training plan helps you achieve your goals faster. A properly designed plan that takes into account your level of fitness and your physical capabilities will help you achieve your goals faster than if you just do any exercise you feel like doing on a given day. But don't forget the key point. Your training plan must be well organised. Therefore, it is best to seek the advice of a professional personal trainer. Someone who simply knows his or her job. This is a better decision than downloading a ready-made sample gym workout plan from the internet. Why? Because you don't know what kind of person this ready-made plan was created for and how you fit that person's profile. Consulting a specialist to prepare a training plan is more expensive than downloading one from a forum, but this investment will pay off. A professional training plan is a good option for everyone. For beginners, because the exercises will be chosen so that the body gradually gets used to the effort, rather than being overexerted straight away. And for advanced athletes who need the right stimulus to continue their athletic development.

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What should a good training plan include?

A training plan should include elements such as:

  • warm-up at the beginning of training and stretching afterwards,
  • the number of training sessions per week,
  • duration of the training,
  • the precise type and number of exercises to suit your level of training and your goal,
  • length of exercise or number of repetitions,
  • the length of intervals between exercises and sets,
  • the method of progression - increasing the load while maintaining the same number of repetitions OR increasing the number of series while maintaining the same load OR introducing more difficult exercise variations.

Training plan mistakes

Creating a training plan and not having enough knowledge and experience may lead to making mistakes that result in your efforts being wasted to some extent.. You may overtrain, you may not rest enough or you may choose exercises inappropriately for your training goal. The mistakes that most often appear in training plans are:

  • exercises that are too advanced or too easy for your physical preparation,
  • the wrong choice of exercise parameters for your training goals,
  • too little recovery time,
  • lack of a set training progression.

Training plan at home

Training at home can be a great idea if you don't want to join a gym or regular group exercise. Whether you exercise at home or in a gym, you need a workout plan. Ideally, it should be created after consulting a specialist, but you also have another option. YouTube is full of videos with ready-made workouts from which you can put together your own workout plan at home. Many of these are prepared by professional, trained trainers who describe for whom and for what purpose a particular workout works best. They also often offer ready-made workout plans from their videos, suggesting how often to exercise and what materials to combine to make an effective home workout plan. Use home workout plans created by professionals with the knowledge and experience to ensure that your workout gets the results you want. Don't choose random videos by clicking on any algorithm suggestions without thinking.

Home workout plan can easily be adjusted to suit your goals. Whether it's better fitness, losing excess weight or building strength, you can achieve it all by exercising at home. The most important thing is to choose the right exercises for your plan. If you don't know how to do it right, despite suggestions from online trainers, consult a professional. You won't regret it.

A sample training plan should be tailored to your chosen training goal - for example, a plan to build muscle mass should be supported by strength training.

Training plan at the gym

You can find sample training plans on the internet, and ready-made workout schedules for the gym. However, is this a good idea? It depends on your level of advance, experience with previous workout plans and knowledge of the workout itself. What should you keep in mind when putting together a gym training plan?

  1. The number of workouts per week ranges from 3 to 6. It depends on your level and whether you are training in one session for the whole body or for specific muscle parts.
  2. Each workout is started with a warm-up and finished with stretching.
  3. Intervals between sets are 1-2 minutes. Their length depends on your predisposition, the type of exercise and the muscle part being exercised.
  4. A single workout lasts 45-90 minutes.
  5. The training - type of exercises, number of repetitions, loads - varies depending on your training goal. There will be a different plan for strength muscle mass and sculpting.
  6. One training plan can be used for a set period of time (6-8 weeks) to avoid stagnation and to provide the muscles with new stimuli for development. In the next plan, the type and order of exercises should be changed.
  7. Ideally, the training plan should include exercises with all the body's movement patterns – bending, squat, push-off, pull-up, stride, rotation and walking.
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