Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Breakfast is an extremely important meal that provides an essential portion of energy for the entire day. Scientists agree that eating breakfast regularly has a positive effect on cognitive function and the work of the entire body. Why is it worth eating breakfast right after waking up and what specific processes in the body it affects?

Why is breakfast so important?

Why is breakfast such an important meal to start the day? Because it provides energy and power for action! In addition, this inconspicuous meal, which we often do not feel like or have time for, affects the proper functioning of the entire system, takes care of our well-being and even body weight! It's time to learn the benefits of eating breakfast and face the consequences of skipping it.

Breakfast improves intellectual abilities

Numerous data suggest that eating breakfast positively affects intellectual development and learning ability, helping to improve concentration and memory.

The nutrients we deliver to the body in the morning also affect physical and mental performance.

People who skip breakfast often perform worse academically and are also nervous, irritable and have a bad mood. They also struggle with concentration problems, have conflicts with peers and complain of headaches.

Breakfast to improve your mood

It is also extremely interesting that the consumption of breakfast has a positive effect on our mood, especially in the morning hours.

When, at the beginning of the day, we provide the body with valuable nutrients, satisfy the appetite after a night break and eliminate the feeling of hunger, as well as provide the energy necessary to function throughout the coming day. A nutritious breakfast also has a positive effect on coping with stressful situations and eases irritability during the day.

Breakfast and normal body weight

People who skip the most important meal of the day often compensate for the loss of calories by eating more food later in the day and overeating at the next meal. Thus, they provide the same amount of energy to the body, but cumulated in a smaller number of meals, which may affect weight gain and increase the risk of obesity.

Research suggests that people who skip their morning meal eat 40% more sweets and 45% less vegetables and 30% less fruit during the day. As you may have guessed, this does not have a positive effect on the work of the body. Among other things, such behavior contributes to an increased risk of overweight and obesity.

Eating breakfast does not hinder, but actually facilitates weight loss.

During fat reduction, we pay special attention to the amount of calories consumed. We mistakenly think that by moving breakfast to a later time, we will consume less energy throughout the day. However, it is eating a nutritious breakfast first thing in the morning that makes us feel no hunger in the following hours and no desire to snack.

Among people who skip breakfast, they are four times more likely to become obese in the future than among those who regularly start their day with a balanced meal.

Metabolic disorders and missing breakfast

According to studies, people who regularly eat breakfast stand out with lower blood glucose and insulin levels than those who skip this meal. Thus, it can be concluded that people who do not eat breakfast are more likely to develop diabetes.

In addition, eating breakfast is associated with lower serum levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Thus, it can be assumed that among those who regularly eat breakfast, there is a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than among those who skip the first meal.

Studies show that the risk of developing metabolic syndrome is about 35-40% lower among people who start a new day with a nutritious meal.

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What should a healthy breakfast look like?

According to dietary recommendations and widely available standards, breakfast, the first meal of the day, should cover 25-30% of daily energy needs.

A healthy breakfast should provide the body with an adequate portion of energy, as well as essential macro- and micronutrients.

How to compose breakfast well? The first meal should be nutritious and filling. Ideally, it should consist of valuable ingredients, i.e.:

  • Whole-grain cereal products, which include wholemeal or graham bread, as well as bran and cereal flakes - oats, millet or rye.
  • They are excellent sources of dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates. Thus, they provide a feeling of satiety, as well as gradually supply the body with the necessary portions of energy. Thanks to this, there are no sudden fluctuations in blood glucose levels.

  • It included protein products, which we can include lean meat, eggs or legumes, as well as dairy products such as yogurt, kefir or cheese.
  • They are important because they reduce hunger and provide a feeling of satiety, as well as help maintain appropriate blood sugar levels.

  • Vegetables and fruits, which are a source of valuable nutrients and are the basis of a healthy diet. These ingredients provide the body with dietary fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the system.
  • Healthy fats, such as avocados, nuts, pumpkin seeds, linseed or sunflower seeds, which enable the absorption of vitamins and support the work of the entire body, as well as provide a source of valuable ingredients.

When should you have your first breakfast?

A balanced, wholesome breakfast is worth eating within two hours of waking up. While we sleep, our body's metabolism slows down, so it's important to start a new day with a meal that will once again speed up metabolism, as well as provide the energy and nutrients needed to function.

Three ideas for a nutritious breakfast

Now that you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you know the consequences of skipping it, it's worthwhile for you to learn some quick recipes for healthy and nutritious breakfasts that will give you strength and energy for hours!

Warming oatmeal

This is a nutritious dish that, thanks to the addition of aromatic ingredients, will allow you to warm up your body before a busy day.

To prepare warming oatmeal you need:

  • oat flakes,
  • milk,
  • apple,
  • cinnamon,
  • walnuts.

Heat the milk and pour it over the previously prepared oatmeal. Cover the dish and prepare the rest of the ingredients. Wash the apple and hollow out the seed nest. Then place on a baking sheet and put in the preheated oven (or in a faster version, in the microwave). Bake until the fruit is soft. Cut baked apple into small pieces and add to oatmeal. Also put walnuts in a bowl and pour in a little cinnamon. Mix all ingredients and enjoy a delicious, nutritious breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with vegetables

Tasty and nutritious. Satisfies your appetite and provides a feeling of satiety. Importantly, it only takes a moment to prepare delicious scrambled eggs.

The necessary ingredients for its creation are:

  • eggs,
  • tomato,
  • paprika,
  • chives,
  • canola oil.

Wash the tomatoes and paprika, then dice them. In a frying pan, heat canola oil and put the vegetables on it. Next, add the eggs and mix everything together. Chop washed chives finely and add to scrambled eggs. Fry to your preferred degree of egg curdling. Put the dish on a plate and enjoy a tasty meal.

Buckwheat pancakes with cottage cheese and banana

A slightly more sophisticated proposal, but also quick to prepare. Buckwheat pancakes will delight both older and younger household members.

Fluffy pancakes will be created when you use ingredients such as:

  • buckwheat flour,
  • milk,
  • egg,
  • rapeseed oil,
  • sparkling water,
  • lean cottage cheese,
  • banana.

Sift the buckwheat flour into a bowl. Add egg, milk and sparkling water. Blend the ingredients to a smooth mass. Heat the oil in the pan and pour the prepared batter on it. Fry until the pancake is browned, then flip the pancake to the other side. When the pancake is ready, transfer it to a plate. Put cottage cheese on the pancake and add a banana (depending on your preferences, you can blend it into a smooth mass or cut it into pieces). Wrap the pancake and eat a healthy and tasty breakfast.


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