MCT oil - what you should know about that product?

MCT oil - what you should know about that product?

Without a doubt, not many of us heard about MCT oil. Although this food supplement is present in the majority of shops with products for people who are physically active, most of the owners do not realise its potential and even more do not know how to use it to get the best results. What really is MCT oil? What are its characteristics? How to dose it? All the information you need is here!

The most important aspects of using MCT oil.

The most crucial features of MCT oil are mainly due to the differences between unsaturated and saturated fats. Unsaturated fats are thought to be very beneficial for our body because of preventing cancer, inflammation, and heart disease while with saturated fats the case is a bit different. With saturated fats the case is a bit different. A large number of people consider them harmful to our health. However, the reality is quite different, because they are divided into two groups.

Long-chain and medium-chain fatty acids

The long-chain ones significantly raise negative cholesterol and also increase the risk of heart problems but luckily we also have medium-chain ones that are known as MCT fats. They have a very positive effect on our bodies. What is MCT coconut oil? It is an oil that has a lot of MCT and as the name suggests, is extracted from coconut. Despite the fact that it is not actually coconut fat, but more of an extracted ingredient, it has many characteristics that positively affect our weight loss, as well as our muscle function.

What are the characteristics of MCT oil?

MCT oil is relatively often used as a supplement responsible for our weight loss. It is caused by fatty acids which are included in it as a great source of energy. That's not all, because they also have great thermogenic features. What does it mean? First of all, its intake results in increasing the temperature of our body which has an effect on weight reduction. The one crucial thing can’t be forgotten, it happens only if we follow a proper diet. MCT oil is also hugely important for weight loss due to the simplicity of fat absorption. Any special enzymes are not necessary, and the process itself already begins in our mouth. What is more, MCT fats have a great effect on controlling appetite. The duration of time food stays in our digestive tract is significantly increased, resulting in a longer feeling of satiety, and all the nutrients are extracted from the food in much larger amounts.

Recommended MCT Oils

Who should try MCT oil?

MCT oil is a great supplement for everyone who is in love with any type of sport. The most important thing is that both the intensity and kind of activity don't really matter. It is caused by medium-chain fatty acids which are a great source of energy for our muscles. This is due to the way they are metabolized and absorbed. We also can't forget to mention that MCT oil doesn't burden our digestive system and improves our performance. Another advantage of this supplement is that its compounds protect our body from losing muscle mass. What does it mean? During the process of weight reduction, our pure muscle mass remains the same and we lose only the body fat we wanted to get rid of.

How to dose MCT oil?

It is not a secret that the correct dosage of MCT oil is extremely important. If we lead to its excess, the level of cholesterol in our blood can increase, which leads to a higher risk of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. Although we do not have official norms to follow, a safe dose for people who are physically active will be no more than 50 ml of MCT oil per day. How should we consume it? Definitely as a cold drink, because only in this way it will deliver us the most nutritional values. It is also a good idea to purchase MCT oil from verified shops to avoid buying unoriginal products.

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