OstroVit Head guardsOstroVit Head guardsOstroVit Head guards

OstroVit Head guards

Head circuit:
50-54 cm
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OstroVit Head guards
24,43 €

OstroVit Head guards

Head protection during a workout is of paramount importance. A strong blow to the head can cause many injuries and is a threat to the health and even life of the player. The boxer’s headgear is intended for training and sparring, providing comfort and protection against punches.

From the outside, the product is made of a high-quality imitation leather and filled with a special polyurethane foam. The filling of the helmet is responsible for absorbing the force of impact and shocks. A well-shaped cover by cheekbones secures against injuries and protects the jaw and chin. The Velcro fastening at the back of the product allows precise adjustment. A boxing helmet should fit the head - it must be stable and cannot move while receiving blows. Additional belt stitching for reinforcement of the ear area defends against punches with a heel of the palm. Large eye openings ensure good visibility.

The headgear provides protection in diverse combat sports. You can use it during your boxing, karate, taekwondo, muay thai and kickboxing training.

The product is available in 2 sizes: M and L

Approximate head size:

  • M (50-54 cm)
  • L (54-58 cm)
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