How important is it to hydrate your organism?

How important is it to hydrate your organism?

Do you do hard exercises and take care of a suitable diet in order to achieve your training goals? Do you remember about drinking a suitable amount of liquids? If their supply is too low, you will suffer consequences soon. Optimal organism hydration is very important - learn why.

You surely know that your organism can survive a couple of days only if you fail to provide it with fluids. It is because human body is composed of 60-70% of water. You, as a physically active person, are highly exposed to its loss in short time. Every substantial effort leads to generation of considerable amount of heat, which causes the water balance to be affected. It is because of sweating and ventilating. The more intensive the training, the more sweat you produce. Effects? You lose water very fast.

Optimal organism hydration - what is it?

According to recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority, a daily intake of liquids is as follows:

  • 2 l for women
  • 2.5 l for men

assuming medium-intensity physical activities.

These values considerably grow if you train hard - in such case you should remember not only about covering your daily demand for liquids but also permanent compensation of water lost during physical effort.

Where does failure to supply suitable amount of liquids come from?

Although most people fail to supply a suitable amount of liquids unconsciously, some decide not to provide water for a simple reason - they want to avoid its extensive accumulation.

Such understanding is erroneous because liquids remain in the organism for completely other reasons. Water in turn is necessary to eliminate redundant products of metabolism and toxins accumulated. This is why you should supply it in relevant amounts, and can support this process with supplementation. Here comes OstroVit Hydro Out Diuretic - a dietary supplement in the form of capsules which foster reduction of toxins.

Recommended products to help hydrate the body

Dangerous effects of insufficient organism hydration

The organism which wants to drink sends relevant signals instantly. The thing is that not everyone can interpret them properly.

Think for a while - when do you most often grab a glass of water? We are sure your answer is similar to most people, when you get thirsty. However experts stress that it is too late - if you get thirsty, your organism is already dehydrated to a certain extent.

See early symptoms of insufficient organism hydration:

  • feeling thirsty
  • loss of intellectual fitness, e.g. memorizing or concentration issues
  • loss of physical fitness
  • reduced urination - urine gets darker and smells more

If your organism does not receive a suitable amount of liquids, dehydration symptoms intensify. Here are further signs:

  • muscle spasms
  • nausea
  • vomiting

This may be accompanied by suspension of sweating - this way your organism defends against further loss of water.

Suitable hydration helps you avoid serious problems

If you fail to provide your organism with enough water, you can cause serious dehydration. Insufficient amount of liquids leads to the following:

  • impaired eyesight
  • constipation - chronic and painful
  • chronic fatigue
  • high blood pressure
  • impaired nervous system

Substantial dehydration may also end up with heart attack.

You are not expected to drink more than you demand. Surplus of liquids in the organism may also trigger negative consequences - it leads to hyponatremia. In case of acute condition, you may even die due to cerebral oedema - such phenomenon applies to marathon runners.

Proper hydration of the body - a guarantee to avoid health problems

Keep water and electrolyte balance

If you would like to keep fit and always be in shape, you have to aim to keep water and electrolyte balance. Do you wonder how to do it?

Remember to:

  • supply water to your organism on a regular basis - best when you do not feel thirsty yet,
  • avoid alcohol and excess of coffee - large amounts of these raise dehydration risk,
  • start your day from a glass of water with lemon

Do not forget about supplements - especially if you train hard. During your workout, you lose not only water but also electrolytes - you have to supplement them all.

What products to choose? We recommend OstroVit Isotonic. It is a powder which you must use to create isotonic drink solution whose ingredients help you adjust water and electrolyte balance. Presence of amino acids supporting better training results is another strong point.

From now on, take care of better hydration of your organism. You will soon see physical and mental improvements. If you still forget about it, download a special application into your smartphone to be reminded.

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